Zero Carbon House

Research Links

Solar Decathlon
The University of Minnesota is beginning to plan and research for the 2009 Solar Decathlon in Washington DC.

Zero Carbon House
Interesting website that shows an exploded view of a supposedly zero carbon house in the UK. it shows all of the different energy saving systems involved in the house.


Do-It-Yourself Projects for the Home:
Build it Solar Project Listing
This site is an amazing resource for constructing homemade solar space heaters, water heaters and wind turbines. Many of the homemade solar heaters involve empty beer bottles/cans. I'm sure we could get some enthusiastic drinkers to help our cause! It would give a new meaning to drinking "green" beer.

Parts & Tools:
Low to Zero Carbon Technologies

Companies & Organizations:
Habitat for Humanity
This is the homepage for Habitat for Humanity in Minneapolis. Hopefully we can work with them to build a zero carbon house, or renovate an existing house.


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