Step 4 Mounting Electric Motor

Adapter Installation Instructions

Example 1 Truck There's a graphic half way down the page that shows the order of the main pieces.

Example 2 Jeep Author does a good job of describing the task in detail.

First a short cylinder is bolted to the end of the motor. This serves as the adapter between the motor and the adapter plate. I think it spaces the adapter plate away from the motor so the hub mounted on the shaft will have about the right spacing.


Then the adapter plate is added next. This has holes which match up with the holes in the housing of the tranmission. I found one hole which was drilled too small by 0.02", so I had to drill it out myself. We also found that the existing 4 holes for mounting to the short cylinder did not put the motor as a desireable angle when mounted in the car. I ended up having my cousin who works in a machine shop drill 4 new holes rotated 16 degrees so I could have the junction box on the motor face the rear of the car but not have a clearance issue with one of the drive shafts.


After the adapter plate is bolted on, hub is added next. The hub needs to be positioned so the spacing from the face of the hub to the face of the adapter plate should match the spacing on the ICE you removed from the car. We found the dimension provided with our kit did not work, so we ended up measuring the spacing on the ICE (0.32") and replicating it with the new hub. Shown below are pics of the hub assembly, measuring the spacing on the old ICE, and then setting the same position on the new hub.


Next we added the flywheel which we removed from the old ICE. Red Locktite was used on these bolts.


The clutch plate was then added on top of the flywheel. Normally a special tool was used to center the clutch plate on the flywheel, but we just used a micrometer to equalize the radial spacing which seemed to do the job.


Next we added the remaining piece for the clutch which applies pressure to the clutch plate and keeps it from slipping when the clutch pedal is not depressed. The piece was added carefully so as not to move the plate centered in the previous step. Second pic below is looking into the hole in the middle of the clutch plate assembly, which shows the grooves where the axle from the transmission fit in.


Finally the motor can be mounted to the transmission. New bolts had to be used due to the thicker adapter plate we are using.


The motor and transmission are then lowered into the car. The transmission bolts to the existing mounting brackets. New brackets are needed for the motor.


This last pic shows where I think we will mount the motor controller. This will leave space for a battery box on the left above the motor and another box down in front where the radiator was.

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