Step 1 Removing The Ice Components

The factory curb weight of the deluxe 1997 Geo Metro is about 1900 lbs, but will be reduced to about 1400 lbs when the ICE is removed along with the gas tank and muffler.

The engine and trunk are shown below. As you can see, the engine compartment is pretty tight, so we will only be able to fit 2-3 batteries up front. The battery box for the trunk will be dropped in where the spare tire is now. Probably will not be able to put all the batteries in this recessed box and will need to put a few more in another box which will sit in the front on the existing trunk floor.


Pulled the engine on June 30th. This basically amounted to disconnecting everything we could find and then start lifting on the engine with the skid steer. Took lots of pictures of everything before disconnecting and labeled a bunch of the wires I might need to use again. Had to completely unbolt the transmission too to get the engine block out.


Here is the empty engine compartment with the transmission also removed. There was a fair amount of oil on the connection to the input shifter so we wanted to check this out with a transmission shop as long as everything is apart. Need to get the tranmission put back in before we can finalize the battery box locations.

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