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Hey AES-

Hope you're all doing well, I was perusing the MN Daily for some other
projects, and I cam across a few articles that perhaps we will want to look
into, and local supporters.

I realize that many of you have already seen them, but I thought them worth
sending on.

Feel free to send on your findings, as well as post them onto the evc site.

Mayor Rybak Drives a Plugin vehicle—

Solar Decathalon Team—

PS. Call your congressman, even if you aren't a Minnesotan, the more people
who do the less likely it will be cut.

Hans Lillevold For AES at UMN

Threat to Renewables Tech! by hecon5hecon5, 10 Nov 2007 21:56

Here is a link to a lot of the technologies we want to integrate into our house.

Please browse the website and look at other links for more info, technolgy, definitions of renewables, job postings, internships, etc

Bryan Jake
a.k.a. Member - BigGoofy

Meeting Place:Meeting Time:

Meeting Place and Time by hecon5hecon5, 15 Oct 2007 23:41

Test Thread

Test Thread by hecon5hecon5, 15 Oct 2007 19:07

I think the leaders are going to be getting keys so they can have access to the building more than just on Mondays. I agree it would be nice to spend more time down there. Hopefully we can eventually get some other times to meet down there, maybe even on weekends when there is less homework pressure.

Re: Meeting time by sparticussparticus, 08 Oct 2007 23:22

I'm not sure if anyone else is having this issue or if it is just me, but Monday nights are not the best time for me. If anyone else was interested, I was thinking that maybe the vehicle crew could meet on Wednesday or Thursday nights. Those times are open for me, and I can dedicate the whole night to working on the project then, rather than just an hour or two on Mondays. But it's just a thought, maybe Monday is better for everyone else.

Meeting time by sendericmailsendericmail, 04 Oct 2007 20:22

Adam will be bringing a bunch of tools, so don't worry about it yet. At the meeting where going to check out the possible small projects, divide research task for the conversion car, and discuss whatever. This will be the Car converting home.

I wasn't at the last meeting, so I might be missing out on some information. I understand that the Electric Vehicle group is meeting at the shop, but I'm not sure exactly what we'll be doing there. I have a small amount of tools that I can bring so if anyone can let me know a rough idea of the types of things we'll need, it would be appreciated. I understand it has something to do with bike conversions but I've never seen one. Are these meant to be permanent for the club to hold on to? Thanks.

David Bayer

It would all depend on how big of a diesel generator you put in. If you put a generator in which could match the power draw of the electric motor at freeway speeds, then the range would be unlimited. The batteries could then mainly be used for short trips and for the higher current draw during acceleration.

Are conversion hybrids limited in range at all? In other words, is the vehicle able to operate with a drain battery pack and the biodiesel generator running… or does the vehicle need to have a minimum charge to operate?

Hey, how about doing a plug in hybrid conversion on a pickup next. We could get an off the shelf diesel engine like is available here:

We would want to make sure the generator was high efficiency and could run on biodiesel. Also would need to figure out the interface between this generator and the battery pack and electric motor. Could install a heater system for the tank so we could run with 100% biodisel even in the winter. Would be interesting to explore the trade-offs with battery capacity vs generator size.

The engine, transmission, gas tank, and exhaust system have been removed. The transmission shop thinks the input coupler seal is probably okay provided it doesn't appear to be dripping. Plan to reinstall the tranny this weekend and fill it up with oil again to verify. Also plan to finish removing some of the remaining stuff we don't need in the engine compartment and paint the inside black. Also hope to replace the rear load springs with the new stiffer springs which will carry the weight of most of the batteries. The car is supposed to be about 1400 lbs with the engine removed. Rolls very easily. Would like to measure the rolling resistance so I can include this in calculations for speed performance.

Removing the ICE by pickel_pilepickel_pile, 17 Jul 2007 17:18

We went with the light conversion kit with manual transmission…

Re: Purchased EVC Kit by peich016peich016, 02 Jul 2007 19:07

Can we get specifics of the kit?

Re: Purchased EVC Kit by mcmorudmcmorud, 20 Jun 2007 16:41

Purchased Kit from this webpage:

Shari Prange
Electro Automotive POB 1113 Felton CA 95018-1113
Telephone 831-429-1989
Electric Car Conversion Kits * Components * Books * Videos * Since 1979

Purchased EVC Kit by peich016peich016, 06 Jun 2007 14:47

If anyone wants to see the Geo metro or help work on, let me know. We'll be working on the car a couple hours on the weekends throughout the summer. ~Steve Peichel

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