DIY Ideas

Links to websites and articles that may provide information or inspiration to complete an environment related project.

This is meant to be a complement to the "links" page and the "projects" page, but different in that it will hold links to specific articles (or sections of websites with a specific project) rather than an entire website, and these projects will not be projects that were done within this club. I'm just using header 4 as the links and titles of the articles, and header 2 as the section. I'm not sure if this is the most effective way of organization, so others change it if they see fit. It's a wiki, after all!


Makezine Blog

OK, I'm cheating on the first one. This isn't a link to a specific article, but it has a lot of do-it-yourself projects, some of which are environment related. Make: Magazine is a magazine where they show you how to make stuff (duh). In the magazine they have shown how to make windmills, electric conversions and other things. The cool thing about Make is that they have a blog, where they post a lot more projects than they can fit in the magazine. That's what this link is.


Hydraulic Battery Hybrid - Popular Science

I liked this article about a hydraulic battery hybrid car from the September 2006 issue of Popular Science. I think it shows how much can be gained from using existing technology in different ways.

Six Strokes of Genius - Popular Science

Another example of using existing (or old) technology in new ways. This guy injects some water into an internal combustion engine at the end of the 4th stroke and gains two more strokes from the steam turbine action. From May 2007.

Straight Veggie Oil Conversion - Journey to Forever
A great way for the University to reduce its impact on the environment is to convert it's diesel fueled vehicles to run on biodiesel, or refined waste veggie oil. I'm sure that UDS can serve up a plentiful supply of used grease for us to experiment with.


10 Steps to End America's Fossil Fuel Addiction - Popular Science

They have some interesting ideas about what to do to get us off of fossil fuels. I like the flying windmills.


A Low Impact Woodland Home

A home build out of straw bales and downed trees and mud. The result is actually very beautiful.

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