Adapter Installation Instructions

Adapter plate was provided as part of the kit from Electro Automotive. Apparently they have a machine shop with a good reputation for quality work, and I imagine they have done a lot of these and so have any bugs worked out.

Here are the instructions:

1. Separate adapter ring and profile plate.

2. Bolt adapter ring to motor with 3/8" - 16 allen capscrews provided to 35 ft. lbs.

3. Bolt adapter profile plate to adapter ring with 1/2" - 13 bolts provided, using washers if provided to 35 ft. lbs.

4. Insert key in slot on motor shaft.

5. Slide hub/bushing assembly over shaft and key. The assembly should move freely on the shaft.

6. Gradually tighten 10 -24 allen-head screws in hub/bushing assembly until the assembly will move on the shaft only with some slight effort. DO NOT USE ANY LOCTITE ON THESE SCREWS.

7. Mount flywheel on hub, using existing flywheel bolts and red Loctite. Tighten just enough to hold the flywheel firmly in place on the hub.

8. Move the flywheel/hub assembly until the distance from face of flywheel to face of adapter is 1.578" +/- .010".

9. Once spacing is correct, carefully remove the flywheel without disturbing the position of the hub. Tighten the 10-24 allen-head screws in a "star" pattern (criss-crossing to tighten bolts in opposing pairs instead of going from one to the next in a circle). Tighten firmly by hand, but without upper arm strength, as it is possible to snap off these screws.

10. Re-install flywheel on hub, and re-check magic distance. If distance is incorrect, determine amount & direction of error. Remove flywheel and loosen allen-head screws about 1/2". Free hub from bushing with a sharp rap on the bolts using a brass hammer. Reposition bushing on shaft in direction & amount to compensate for distance error. Reassemble as above.

11. Lock flywheel from rotation & torque bolts to manufacturer's specs.

12. If your hub has a brass pilot bushing, lube it with a thin layer of molybdenum based grease.

13. Installation of adapter on motor is complete. Now install the motor/ring/hub assembly on the transmission bell housing. You will need to purchase new bolts of the appropriate size, thread, and length to accommodate your bell housing and the profile plate. Use the original factory locating dowels.

NOTE: Even among vehicles that supposedly have the "same" transmission, there are sometimes minor variations. Your adapter may seem to have "extra" holes that do not match any on your transmission. These may be for a slightly different version of the transmission. Or your adapter may seem to be missing some holes. These holes may not exist on all versions, and are not necessary for structural integrity. The dowel holes are the critical ones for proper alignment. Other holes provide clamping/supporting action for the adapter against the transmission.

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